Senior Thesis was by far one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. But I made it and now have my BFA in Digital Design from CU Denver! I decided to do my thesis on physical therapy. Being a pro motocross racer, I have endured several injuries and along with them icky physical therapy. If you have gone through physical therapy you know just how painful and not very fun it can be. I decided that while there is no way around the painful aspect of therapy, there was a way to make it more fun. Hence the “Club PT” app was born. While it was just a prototype, I wanted to integrate as many aspects into the app as possible.







Key Features Include:

– Leader Board with your top stats and accomplishments

– A full list of exercises provided by your therapist assigned through the therapist version of the app

– A motion tracking wristband that reads movement and measures and tracks your progress while working towards your full range of motion in your area of focus

– A reward system composed of mile marker badges and a points system that allows you to buy products

– A goals page where you can set goals for yourself

– Therapist version of the app that allows user and therapist to communicate and keep patient on track

– Social Media integration that allows you to share your progress with your friends


Here are a few wireframe examples of the Patient app and its functionality




If you would like to see how this process went and look at what worked, what didn’t work, etc. you can check out my digital process book below.


  • Project Type: Senior Thesis - App Prototype
  • Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Project Year: 2013