After finishing Senior Thesis I only had a few credits left to get in order to graduate. So in the Summer of 2013 I embarked on a journey to Copenhagen to study abroad for 3 wonderful weeks and visit amazing places of design, branding, architecture, and much more with my teachers and classmates from back home! It was a great experience and I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to go! Here is a gallery of 2 projects that I completed when I returned home, one for each class that I took.

The first project dealt with a sense of place and taking these new experiences and places and interpreting them in my own way. Everywhere that I went, I could see myself doing extreme things while interacting with the architecture, even though I didn’t actually execute such actions 😉

For the second project, I made a 2 page and 8 page layout comparing one project that stood out to me most in Copenhagen with a project that I was already familiar with. Since motocross is a huge part of my life I compared the innovative Leatt brace with the new inflatable fashion helmets that we learned about while in Denmark.

If you would like to read all about my trip and the cool things I saw, please check out my blog that I wrote in every day while I was there here: